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Tip 43: A bite-sized formula for success

This is how you can achieve success whilst addressing some of the common barriers you are likely to face 🚧

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read

Table of Contents

Step 1. Be clear on what you want to achieve
Step 2. Decide on a course of action for the week ahead
Step 3. Implement the plan
Step 4. At the end of the week, repeat

But this is far from easy.

Some of the challenges you will face:

👀 Distraction stalls you
🧠 You overthink your way into oblivion
👹 Temptation of some kind derails your plan

A solution:

Absolute unwavering laser focus on completing your action plan.

How do you get laser focus?

Revisit Step 1 and ask yourself, 'Why?' 🤷

Why do you want to achieve X?

What are your reasons?

Without understanding our reasons, our decisions are fishing lines in an ever-changing sea. This is why so many people live in hope...waiting for a break...a stroke of luck.

Your reasons need to give you a sense of motivation, creating drive.

If your reasons don't give you a spark, rethink...everything?

Yeah, this is far from easy.

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Graeme Tidd

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