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Tip 15: 10 important WordPress tips

Starting a website project can seem daunting. Here are some important tips to help you start right.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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I began working with WordPress in 2008. Here are my top tips if you are considering using WordPress:

  1. Have a budget
  2. If you are only blogging, don't use WordPress. Use Ghost. You can still sell products using integrations such as Ecwid or Gumroad. If you are mainly selling online, use Shopify
  3. When choosing a theme, pay attention to pages other than the homepage. Most design flair is applied to the homepage, often leaving the other pages lacking
  4. Consider using the Genesis framework with a child theme from StudioPress. Genesis has basic but solid SEO functionality baked in
  5. If the above went over your head, outsource your entire design to a freelancer. I can recommend some fantastic, affordable freelancers - just ask
  6. When choosing plugins to enhance the functionality of your website, pay for premium plugins where possible. You get what you pay for
  7. Keep your plugins up-to-date
  8. Host the website yourself via Flywheel (as opposed to using
  9. Do not tinker with your website; focus on getting your content out there
  10. Collect email addresses from your users using services such as MailerLite

🍒 Bonus tip: pay for annual hosting. It's easier to give in by cancelling a subscription.

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