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Why you should use cookie-free analytics

Did you see a cookie notification box when you opened this website? No. Find out why.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read
Why you should use cookie-free analytics

It turns out that using Google Analytics may slow your homepage loading time slightly.

Who knew?

Speed is more important than ever, as it seems that many people are now devoid of being able to give attention to anything that demands more than one zeptosecond of their time.

And then, it got me thinking about the requirement to implement a cookie notification bar on websites using tracking code, such as Google Analytics.

Who detests cookie notifications?

All hands go up.

So I then looked up cookie-free analytic software.

It’s a thing!

Many services provide cookie-free analytics, meaning that if you don’t store cookies anywhere else on your website, you can free your users from the cookie notification bar.

Hence the reason you won’t see a cookie notification bar on this website.

My favourite so far is Fathom Analytics.

Fast, simple and privacy-focused website analytics
Fathom Analytics is simple, GDPR + CCPA + PECR compliant website analytics tool, no cookie notice required. No tracking or storing personal data of your visitors.

Actively seek to remove cookies from your website unless you absolutely need them.

Graeme Tidd

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