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Tip 45: Don't faff

🚨 Faff alert 🚨

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd

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How much do you faff about?

I used to spend so much energy, time and money faffing with stuff.

🙄 Office styling
🙄 Editing suites
🙄 Business cards
🙄 Website tweaking
🙄 Camera equipment

That's not the half of it.

And then I'd faff around in my head:

🙄 Worrying
🙄 Overthinking
🙄 Overplanning
🙄 Procrastinating
🙄 Changing my mind

What a faff.

The thing is, sometimes we kind of enjoy it.

We take pleasure in distracting and delaying ourselves.

🚨 Be aware of the faff; when you feel it, dig deep into your core mission and complete it 💪

And then faff as a reward if you really must.

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Graeme Tidd

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