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Don't let comparison kill your progress

Comparison is usually one-dimensional. Get your business head on.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read
Don't let comparison kill your progress

Sometimes, we see others working in our field as a competitive threat, feel inferior and shrink into the shadows.

Comparison is usually one-dimensional. Our thought process is almost instantaneous and brief, and our negativity bias blinds us to likely possibilities and truths - none of which affect us anyway.

The key to shaking off Comparison is to get your business head on and run a quick competitor SWOT analysis:


What are they doing well and what can you learn from them to evolve your business?


What are they doing not so well and how can you take advantage of this?


What opportunities may arise that you can take advantage of?


What threats, perceived or otherwise, may arise that you can address?

Don't overthink this. Look at the facts - it will take you out of your head and help you see your competitors as fences, not brick walls.

Graeme Tidd

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