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Tip 23: Don't try and do everything (you can't)

You have enough on your plate without trying to tackle the stuff you're just never going to ever be good at, or have the time to crack.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd

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If you want a logo, but don't understand design, hire a freelancer. You're not going to even consider stuff like:

  • How the psychology of your audience influences the design
  • Structure of design to fit with where and how the logo will be displayed
  • How the design fits with your overall branding, including your values
  • Potential trademark infringement

The chances are you'll knock something up that you think looks good.

You can't sail a ship in the shallows - you have to go deeper.

You can apply this thinking to many aspects of your business.

Do what you're good at. Leave the rest for the best at what they do.

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