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Tip 47: Express yourself with Ghost

If you want to express yourself through a website, you need Ghost 👻

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read

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Run a website?

Are you expressing yourself?

👻 Have you heard of Ghost?

Ghost: The simple, powerful WordPress alternative
Trying to find out how Ghost compares to WordPress? We’ve put together a full rundown of Ghost vs WordPress and the differences between them.

This is why your website should be an online publication

An online publication squarely places the emphasis on your voice (through your writing - your ideas, thoughts and perspectives).

Ghost is a powerful platform for creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content.

It comes with modern tools to build a website, publish content, send newsletters and offer paid subscriptions to members.

Ghost focuses on creating online publications.

It's not just a website with blog functionality built in.

This is something other platforms, such as WordPress, don't do out of the box.

My view is that if you are running a website, you should focus on consistently and frequently creating rich, useful content for a specific audience.

This shows your audience that you are:

👍 Active
👍 Committed
👍 Enthusiastic
👍 Have something to say

This builds authority.

You then become the go-to for your subject.

That's what you want, isn't it?

You've got stuff to say. So say it.

And keep saying it.

It's the only way they'll listen.

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