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Tip 32: How easy it is to start freelancing

This is how I started out and got repeat business as a freelancer 📈

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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As a web designer, I have never used a website or social media to get work.

This is how RIDICULOUSLY EASY it is for YOU to start freelancing:

This is how I started out and got repeat business

Step 1

I knew I could consult and design for others, so I told people I could.

❗️Step 1 is the step most people can't get past. It's where Imposter Syndrome and Diffidence hang out. Put your foot on the accelerator and get past them. Don't look back.❗️

Step 2

When I received an enquiry, I was professional, friendly, understanding and delicately persuasive.

Step 3

When I got the gig, I consistently went the extra mile.

Step 4

I strived to find solutions to the bigger picture: return on investment for the client.


  • I developed experience and skills
  • I got paid
  • I got recommended
  • I got more work


📣 Verbally tell people what you do.

👍 When you get interest, show them what you would be like to work with and sell yourself. For me, this was via email, phone calls and meetings. People want to hear from YOU - not a website.

⬆️ Manage expectations and then exceed them.

🤔 Look beyond your gig and try and influence the bigger picture if appropriate.

Go for it!

Mindset and business tips

Graeme Tidd

Want to work for yourself? Build confidence and move forward with my honest, inspiring and thought-provoking tips for aspiring freelancers and start-ups 🚀

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