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Tip 49: How much to charge as a freelancer

Figuring out what you charge your clients really doesn't have to be difficult 🤙

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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Focus (know what you want)

Is your focus on income or working with a specific type of client? For example, small start-ups may not have as much to spend as more established businesses.

Understand your target client group

Understanding their expectations and a sense of how much they are likely to spend will help you decide if you're on the right track.

Get your voice out there

This isn't about what you think you are worth. This is about what your client thinks you're worth. So tell them!

Find your confidence

This isn't time for holding back. Confidently give your price and don't budge. If you don't get the client there's another one down the road.

£ or ££ or £££ or ££££

You decide. That's your answer. There is no rule book. Some people do a rubbish job and make money. Some do a great job and don't.

The difference is those who do well have focus, understanding, confidence and the ability to sell themselves well. I haven't mentioned experience here - something for you to think about.

Don't lock your prices

Different clients, different approaches. It's okay to variate your prices depending on your clients. Remember, there is no rule book. You're in charge.

Mindset and business tips

Graeme Tidd

Want to work for yourself? Build confidence and move forward with my honest, inspiring and thought-provoking tips for aspiring freelancers and start-ups 🚀

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