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Tip 31: How to be AI-proof as a freelancer

This is why AI can't take away your freelance work, your clients will want to keep you, and recommendations will spread like wildfire 🔥🔥🔥

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read

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You're not JUST a freelancer. You're an extension of your client - a team member.

You're vital because you:

🤔 Take an interest in your client and their business
🔎 Look at the bigger picture
🙋🏻‍♀️ Ask questions
🎁 Offer suggestions for improvements
👀 Find solutions to problems they didn't know they had
📈 Consider the impact of your work

Not only do you add significant added value, but you can also generate more work with the same client.

😱 You can also lose the gig.

After consulting with clients, I have sometimes concluded that don't need me; they need something else - a better business plan, a Facebook page and not a website etc. But your client will be forever grateful that you put them first and not your pocket.

Sure, you can't necessarily do this with every client, but it's an approach that will generally serve you very well.

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