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Tip 50: How to be the best freelancer they ever had

With a little confidence, you can quickly become a significant extension of your client's team and add the value that gives you Super Freelancer status 🦸

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd

Table of Contents

Look for their problems

From the very start of a job you will find problems with what the client wants. Show them what they haven't considered and bring solutions.

Take control

Taking control means taking the lead on what you're working on. This is why you've been hired. Own it. Call your shots.


You have new ideas, suggestions and clearer solutions. Push back on what the client wants if you can see a better outcome.

Exceed expectations

By immersing yourself in your work and putting the client first, you will consistently exceed expectations.

Mindset and business tips

Graeme Tidd

Want to work for yourself? Build confidence and move forward with my honest, inspiring and thought-provoking tips for aspiring freelancers and start-ups 🚀

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