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Tip 36: How to break barriers

How to overcome 3 of the most common barriers faced by freelancers 🚧

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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Can you relate to these barriers?

😢 You lack confidence
😭 Nobody is encouraging you
😰 You think your work isn't good enough

Let's break them down:

👉 You lack confidence because you are facing the darkness of the unknown.

Solution: turn to your sources of inspiration to turn on the lights, whatever they may be - a person, an object, a smell...whatever makes you FEEL empowered. Inspiration triggers motivation and creates power. It fires your engines.

👉 Nobody is encouraging you because you haven't told them about your dreams or shown them the fire in your engines. Or maybe they just don't care - that's on them, not you. Or maybe you've always talked about doing something but never took action, so they think you're just kidding yourself.

Solution: find somebody who lives in the same world as you and share your hopes and dreams. Join a Facebook group, go to a networking event, visit an event, ask around. Do something to CONNECT.

👉 It seems that everybody else's work is better than yours: Imposter Syndrome. Remember this:

🤪 Some people will be creating work way better than you, and some won't. Get some perspective
🧠 You're basing your feelings on nothing but your own perceptions
☝️ There's only one of you, and you have something they don't
🏁 They started at the beginning and probably felt like you do
🥳 Nobody has a monopoly on clients
🙈 Even the most useless freelancers get clients, and you are not useless

Top trump solution: fire your engines and TAKE ACTION. You're going places, so crack on 🚀

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Graeme Tidd

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