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Tip 40: How to feel good about actually working

When the thrill of the chase in getting a client subsides, this is how to feel good about completing the job 😀

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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As a freelancer, it feels so good to bathe in the golden glory of victory as you secure a client.

You walk around in a calm haze of bliss, listing all the ways you will spend your fresh funds.

And then you witness the inevitable Dawn of Reality: you have to work 💀 🤣

This can feel like a desolate place, void of motivation.

Here's how you break back into the light:

🌦️ Focus on the tasks at hand and not the income

🌥️ Maintain constant contact with your client to keep them updated. Ask questions. Offer suggestions. This gels you as a team and makes you feel less lonely in your work

⛅️ Keep a project lesson log to record the key learnings you pick up throughout the project. This will help you in your future projects and shape your direction

🌤️ Tell people about what you are working on. This will provide additional pressure for you to impress not only your client but others who are important to you. This is one time when playing to your ego has benefits

☀️ Think about the practicalities of work and what you can do to make working as enjoyable as possible. You could work in your favourite cafe, create a new playlist to listen to as your work, meet up with a peer to share project news for feedback and tips - whatever makes you feel good

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