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Tip 34: How to get free marketing

Are you missing the obvious marketing opportunity that you don't have to pay for? In fact, it pays you 🤑

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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Do your testimonials and reviews read like they are completely fictional?

If you're B2B, you should be referencing the business you have worked for, along with the full name and job title of the person quoted.

If you're not, I don't believe you 🤥

If you're B2C, a name alone has zero credibility, so consider using a photo or video.

But does anybody care anyway?

Is anybody even going to find your testimonials and reviews? And when they do, is your presentation more convincing than the competition?

This is how you cut through the faff 👇

❗️Focus on showcasing you and your work and giving your clients an amazing EXPERIENCE❗️

Write down all the ways you could do this, from first contact to getting paid and beyond.

This will build recommendations.

Your clients are walking, talking testimonials and reviews. They are proactive in talking about you. They will find you work effortlessly.

*Sending a mini free print (for example) on your client's birthday will cost you (just one idea)

Mindset and business tips

Graeme Tidd

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