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How to get impressive images for your website

A bad image can make your website look naff. Don't try and create images yourself - leave it to the professionals.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
4 min read
How to get impressive images for your website


Anybody can take a decent photograph these days.

Even smartphones have more image processing power than you need.

But you don't even have to take a photograph because there are several websites to choose from that allow you to download high quality images for free, and without the requirement to credit the photographer.

Unless you have an eye for a great image and the ability to capture what you need, leave it to the professionals.

Unsplash is my go-to website for free photographs.

Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash
Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.

You could also check out:

How to take good photographs for your website

  1. Grab your iPhone or equivalent smartphone
  2. Turn off the flash
  3. Find a good source of natural soft light; window light on an overcast day is perfect
  4. Decide on your orientation (landscape orientation may be best - check how your website's theme displays images)
  5. Shoot lots of photographs and select the ones you like
  6. Crop to taste
  7. Edit if required (be consistent if you use filters)
  8. Upload to your website (use JPEG Mini first - see below)
  9. Crack open a bottle of your favourite juice

Really useful and beautiful photograph editing apps

JPEG Mini is a magic treat as it allows you to dramatically reduce the image’s file size without affecting the physical size of the image. Don’t ask me how. A smaller file size means a faster website - your users will love you more, and so will Google.

JPEGmini - The Photo Optimization Tool Trusted by Tens of Thousands Image Perfectionists
JPEGmini - The Photo Optimization Tool Trusted by Tens of Thousands Image Perfectionists

VSCO is great for filters, but less is more. And be consistent. This does not mean that you should use the same filter for each image.

VSCO is a creative channel. We build creative tools, spaces, and connections driven by self-expression.

Over is a beautiful app (there is also a desktop version) that allows you to get incredibly creative, adding graphics and text to images.

Over | The power to stand out in the palm of your hands.
Effortless visual communication, using nothing but your phone. Inspire the world, build a business, or grow your brand. Download Over on iOS and Android today.

Illustrations, cartoons and vectors

Have you considered not using photographic images?

Graphicmama has an excellent article that links to some amazing resources for illustrations, cartoons and vectors:

Where to Find Design Resources and Assets [80+ Websites for Designers]
The best sources on the web to find both free and paid stock images, illustrations, icons, fonts, animations, patterns, textures, backgrounds, and more.

My personal favourites are:

Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library
Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library for InVIsion Studio and Sketch.
Open Doodles - Free sketchy illustrations
A library of sketchy illustrations of people free for personal and commercial use.
Absurd Design - Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art
Download surrealist illustrations. Use free vector art for your landing pages, presentations and apps. These artworks combine the absurdity and childishness.

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