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Tip 48: How to get pro email

Here are 4 FLIPPIN' BRILLIANT email tips 🤩

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read

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Tip 1: Look pro

Connect email services to your own domain name. This looks way more professional than using a Gmail address, for example. And be sure to connect your domain name to your website, if you have one.


You can point a domain name to a social media page (or any page on the Internet) - it doesn't have to be a website. You do this from the control panel of your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain name).

TIP 2: Go dedicated

It doesn't appear to be, but email is pretty complex. Go with a dedicated email provider that does one thing well, not a web host that offers everything under the sun.

Tip 3: Check privacy

Check the privacy policy of your email provider. I use ProtonMail, which is based in Switzerland and provides private, secure and encrypted email. Anything less is simply not acceptable.

Proton — Privacy by default
Over 100 million people use Proton to stay private and secure online. Get a free Proton account and take back your privacy.

TIP 4: Catch all

Catch all. OMG...this tip! With ProtonMail, I can set 'catch all' to a mailbox. My mailbox is and my address is If you misspelt 'info' and put 'imfo', I would still get your email.

How good is that! 🕺

Also, you can sign up to stuff using an unlimited number of different prefixes, without having to create separate mailboxes, which is good if you don't need separate mailboxes.

There you go. I have no affiliation with ProtonMail but lots of experience using them, and other email providers. I found ProtonMail to be the best by far.

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