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Tip 38: How to get what you want

You probably think you know what you want. But do you know what you want if you only think it? 🤔

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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What do you want?

Regardless of how sure we are of what we want, if somebody asks us, we're often unable to give a solid, meaningful answer 🤷

We tend to live in our heads, so what we think we want is just that: a bunch of messy thoughts.

Thoughts alone are too fragile to carry us across finish lines.

We need action.

And action needs a plan.

Plans need commitment.

Commitment needs intention.

Intention needs clarity and focus.

To be clear and focused, we need to be honest with ourselves.

Take some time to drill down to what you want, and say it - make it sound convincing. Make it real. Go all in.

It may sound ridiculous, selfish or unachievable. Move past any mental barriers.

But understand that unless you get to the point of taking action, your dreams are just clouds floating by.

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