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Tip 39: Know your enemies

Here is some hard-hitting sense to help you get past what's slowing you down 💥

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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Know your enemies.

Here is some hard-hitting sense.

If you are thinking about freelancing or have just started out, you will likely face the following foes:

😈 Distraction
👾 Imposter syndrome
👿 Procrastination

How to defeat them:

😈 Distraction

👉 In one brief sentence or list, write down on paper your end goal as you see it now. Or use a picture that depicts your end goal. Stick it where you can see it
👉 Take big tasks and break them down into small, very clear tasks
👉 Set expectations by being completely honest with yourself about how many tasks you can accomplish in the day. Nobody's watching, and there's no certificate for doing more than you think you're capable of, so be really honest here
👉 Set a schedule to complete your tasks with allocated breaks
👉 Crack on
👉 You can always sense Distraction coming. I'm not talking about the doorbell ringing type of distraction; I'm talking about you getting bored and looking for something else to do. When you sense it, look at what you stuck on the wall. Remember why you are working in the first place
👉 Get back to it

👾 Imposter syndrome

This is much more of a psychological challenge, and, to be frank, you don't have time for it. Are you doing this or what? Yes, yes, 'they' are doing so much better than you. Whatever.

Know this:

👉 They started where you are now
👉 They have problems you don't have
👉 Nobody on the planet can do exactly what you do
👉 Your sense of inadequacy is based on nothing but your flawed perceptions
👉 If you don't crack on, you will never get to where that piece of paper you stuck on the wall says you're going

👿 Procrastination

👉 Completely disregard your perceptions of perfection. Perfection is an illusion. Open your eyes to this reality
👉 Come to terms with the fact that unless you are persistent and consistent in taking action, you will not achieve your goal. Make a plan of action and crack on


Crack on and keep cracking on. The majority of people are not doing this.

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