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Tip 30: Reasons you should work as a freelancer

This is why I think YOU (yes, YOU!) should do freelance work.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
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Of all the business ideas I have running around in my head, I always come back to freelancing.

I have been freelancing as a side hustle for over 10 years now.

This is why I think YOU (yes, YOU!) should do freelance work:

😌 It's easy. I mean, if you have skills (which you do), you're WAY more than halfway there. You can freelance in pretty much anything!

⏰ Use the FREE in Freelancer! FREEDOM to work in your own time. I do most of my work at night, with a film I've watched before on in the background so I can have brief entertainment breaks without having to concentrate. Whatever works, right?

🛁 Work anywhere. From the bus to work, to the bath at the end of the day, and everything in between - it's amazing what you can get done when you're not sitting at a desk.

🤑 Set your own prices. There's only one of you, and you're great at what you do, right? Charge what YOU are worth.

📈 Grow doing the stuff you love. You can only get better and better.

🙌 Meet new people, build a network and get recommended by others. You'll be flying in no time.

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I write inspiring tips for anybody who wants to work freelance, in any discipline. Learn what they don't teach you and make progress 🚀

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