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Understand SEO or fall down

Too many people think they have good content that will be found online. Thinking is a big mistake.

Graeme Tidd
Graeme Tidd
1 min read
Understand SEO or fall down

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. You need to know this if you have any expectations of being found online.

Don't think you have a good idea for content - know.

SEO relates to your content and other aspects, such as your website's structure, UX (user experience), and load speed.

SEO tips

  • Take time to learn about SEO using Ahref's YouTube channel
  • Invest $79 for one month's use of Ahrefs
  • Ensure your website follows basic design principles (ask a designer to build it or critique it)
  • Ensure your content can be found quickly when a user lands on your website
  • Reduce the file size of all JPEG and PNG images to ensure faster page load times
  • Check your website speed score and adjust accordingly
  • Add your business name to your website's meta title (less than 70 characters)
  • Add your business overview to your website's meta description (less than 156 characters)
  • Install traffic monitoring software to your website (I use Fathom Analytics because it's cookie-free, so you don't need those annoying cookie notifications on your website)
Create content for your target audience using data, not guesswork. Build your website for your audience's taste - not for yours.

Graeme Tidd

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