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Graeme Tidd

Do you want to work for yourself but need a little inspiration?

Want to work for yourself? Build confidence and move forward with my honest, inspiring and thought-provoking tips for aspiring freelancers and start-ups. Learn what they don't teach you and make progress 🚀

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Recent Posts

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Tip 50: How to be the best freelancer they ever had

With a little confidence, you can quickly become a significant extension of your client's team and add the value that gives you Super Freelancer status 🦸

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Tip 49: How much to charge as a freelancer

Figuring out what you charge your clients really doesn't have to be difficult 🤙

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Tip 48: How to get pro email

Here are 4 FLIPPIN' BRILLIANT email tips 🤩

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Tip 47: Express yourself with Ghost

If you want to express yourself through a website, you need Ghost 👻

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Tip 46: Brand name protection 101

Trying to come up with a name for your brand? For the love of it all, you need to know this 😱

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Tip 45: Don't faff

🚨 Faff alert 🚨

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Tip 44: Believe in yourself

Self-branding and marketing aside, there is something much more powerful: self-belief 😇

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Tip 43: A bite-sized formula for success

This is how you can achieve success whilst addressing some of the common barriers you are likely to face 🚧

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Tip 42: What do you want from life?

🔫 Gun to your head: what do you want from life?

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Tip 41: Useful website tips

Do you want a website? This is some of what you need to understand before you go ahead 🧐

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Tip 40: How to feel good about actually working

When the thrill of the chase in getting a client subsides, this is how to feel good about completing the job 😀

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Tip 39: Know your enemies

Here is some hard-hitting sense to help you get past what's slowing you down 💥

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Tip 38: How to get what you want

You probably think you know what you want. But do you know what you want if you only think it? 🤔

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Tip 37: The importance of feelings

Which Radox shower gel are you? This is how you get more work 🥳

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Tip 36: How to break barriers

How to overcome 3 of the most common barriers faced by freelancers 🚧

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Tip 35: Dodge bullets and build client relations as a freelancer

How to manage client expectations from the outset, before you send in your quote 🙌

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Tip 34: How to get free marketing

Are you missing the obvious marketing opportunity that you don't have to pay for? In fact, it pays you 🤑

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Tip 33: Freelancing explained

If you aren't sure about what freelancing is, you're not alone. It's a weird word for a start 🤪

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Tip 32: How easy it is to start freelancing

This is how I started out and got repeat business as a freelancer 📈

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Tip 31: How to be AI-proof as a freelancer

This is why AI can't take away your freelance work, your clients will want to keep you, and recommendations will spread like wildfire 🔥🔥🔥