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Graeme Tidd

Do you want to make money as a freelancer and build a strong portfolio?

I write inspiring tips for anybody who wants to work freelance, in any discipline. Learn what they don't teach you and make progress.

This is a blog for whatever stage you are at.

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Recent Posts

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Tip 36: How to break barriers

How to overcome 3 of the most common barriers faced by freelancers 🚧

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Tip 35: Dodge bullets and build client relations as a freelancer

How to manage client expectations from the outset, before you send in your quote 🙌

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Tip 34: How to get free marketing

Are you missing the obvious marketing opportunity that you don't have to pay for? In fact, it pays you 🤑

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Tip 33: Freelancing explained

If you aren't sure about what freelancing is, you're not alone. It's a weird word for a start 🤪

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Tip 32: How easy it is to start freelancing

This is how I started out and got repeat business as a freelancer 📈

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Tip 31: How to be AI-proof as a freelancer

This is why AI can't take away your freelance work, your clients will want to keep you, and recommendations will spread like wildfire 🔥🔥🔥

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Tip 30: Reasons you should work as a freelancer

This is why I think YOU (yes, YOU!) should do freelance work.

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Tip 29: The ultimate guide to choosing and securing a business name (2023)

There is more to thinking of a business name than you may think. I help you break it all down.

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Tip 28: Business has no final destination

Being driven by a vision of success should not detract you from the importance of the journey you are on. Visions fade.

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Tip 27: Think of it like making music

You can't just knock up a product or service and expect people to buy into it immediately. You have to build an audience and convert them into fans.

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Tip 26: The formula for success

You don't need magic to create a formula for success. You just need 2 ingredients.

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Tip 25: 3 unavoidable challenges you will face

If you are unsure about setting up and running a business, you are not alone. Embrace the challenges you face.

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Tip 24: Why Ghost is better than WordPress for blogging in 2023

Out of frustration with WordPress, Ghost was born. Learn why Ghost is simply the best solution for growing a blog.

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Tip 23: Don't try and do everything (you can't)

You have enough on your plate without trying to tackle the stuff you're just never going to ever be good at, or have the time to crack.

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Tip 22: Necessity leads to success

Commit to achieving success and you will find it. But you have to find necessity to activate your drivers.

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Tip 21: Problem priority 101

You think you've got problems. Clear up some headspace by recalibrating your perception of a problem's importance.

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Tip 20: Reduce stress with the 1 sale challenge

Visions of big sales can create big stress. The key is to focus on the achievable, not the possible.

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Tip 19: How I made £1500 per day

Don't hold yourself back when it comes to business. Bold thinking is what is going to get you places.

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Tip 18: 2 reasons why your business may never work

If your primary motivator is not to make money, it sure should be your driver. You're in business, right?

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Tip 17: Take business self-help Americana out of your ears

A lot of self-help references are useful, but not relatable. You're missing a trick.