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Graeme Tidd

Helping you start and grow a business with useful business and mindset tips

An inspirational, motivational and thought-provoking blog to help your business start right. Learn what they don't teach you. Qualified Business Adviser.

An extra source of income...building something for yourself...finding your potential - this is a blog for whatever stage you are at:

  • You like the idea of having a business idea but have no idea
  • You have a business idea
  • You have started a business
  • You want to be a successful freelancer

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Recent Posts

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How to find your flow

When we are challenged with something we both love doing and are skilled at, we open ourselves up to flow.

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How to overcome imposter syndrome

We learn by making mistakes. So when things don't work out, don't let it fuel your imposter syndrome. It's easy to give in and move on. Don't do that.

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Business has no final destination

Being driven by a vision of success should not detract you from the importance of the journey you are on. Visions fade.

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Think of it like making music

You can't just knock up a product or service and expect people to buy into it immediately. You have to build an audience and convert them into fans.

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Open your eyes to keyword data

If you have expectations of being found online, you need to know how discoverable your content is likely to be. Don't guess.

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The formula for success

You don't need magic to create a formula for success. You just need 2 ingredients.

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3 unavoidable challenges you will face

If you are unsure about setting up and running a business, you are not alone. Embrace the challenges you face.

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Don't try and do everything (you can't)

You have enough on your plate without trying to tackle the stuff you're just never going to ever be good at, or have the time to crack.

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Necessity leads to success

Commit to achieving success and you will find it. But you have to find necessity to activate your drivers.

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Problem priority 101

You think you've got problems. Clear up some headspace by recalibrating your perception of a problem's importance.

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Reduce stress with the 1 sale challenge

Visions of big sales can create big stress. The key is to focus on the achievable, not the possible.

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How I made £1500 per day

Don't hold yourself back when it comes to business. Bold thinking is what is going to get you places.

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2 reasons why your business may never work

If your primary motivator is not to make money, it sure should be your driver. You're in business, right?

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Take business self-help Americana out of your ears

A lot of self-help references are useful, but not relatable. You're missing a trick.

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Why you need to enjoy the process

Avoid the pressure of feeling you have to reign supreme in business. If you enjoy the process, you're doing alright, regardless of the outcome.

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10 important WordPress tips

Starting a website project can seem daunting. Here are some important tips to help you start right.

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Why you shouldn't use Unsplash photos (or any free image service)

I know you like your sleep. This tip is loaded with advice to ensure you still look amazing for years to come.

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The importance of psychology in pricing

If you're not considering psychology in your pricing, you're missing many tricks.

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The illusion of our fears and plans

Nothing is as it seems; neither your plans nor your fears will materialise as you imagine them to.

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Why seeking perfection can kill your progress

Perfectionism is often a symptom of an underlying issue, such as a lack of self-confidence and belief that your work is good enough.